Faux Wood Interior Shutters

For lasting style in a lasting finish, our Faux Wood Shutters are the ideal choice. Modern materials, classic style.

Built to last

Beautifully made to measure in the UK, Luxaflex® Faux Wood Shutters are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolour, regardless of extreme heat or moisture. 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Keeping you comfortable

Our shutters have built in features for flexible light control and optimal privacy, whilst help softening exterior noise and providing added insulation.

Easy to live with

Our tough UV-resistant modern materials are easy to clean with soap and water. Plus, our stainless-steel hinges won’t rust so stay looking as good as new.

Full Height Shutters

Covering the full height of your window, Full Height Shutters elongate the window with a classic plantation style.

full height shutter style

Tier on Tier

The top and bottom sections of the shutter open separately to make the most of natural light whilst still delivering privacy options.

tier on tier shutter

Café Style Shutters

The unique Café Shutters cover the bottom half of the window giving privacy at street level, yet allow for the most natural daylight.

cafe style shutter


Every room has different considerations, which is why our range offers distinct solutions

More on styles

Painted Shutters

Our Painted Faux Wood Shutters can crafted in virtually any colour you wish. From soft painted colours or bold looks, we’ll hand paint your shutter to your exact colour reference to compliment your décor.


Louvre Styles & Sizes

All our Faux Wood Shutters come in a range or louvres styles depending on your needs for light control or privacy. Play with the scale to get your ideal look.


Frame choices

Our L frame choices offer a clean, flush look for a contemporary feel, or our Z style slightly protrudes for a more decorative finish.

z style shutter

Ways to make them yours

As well as a range of styles, we offer many ways to change up your shutter style

More customisation

Operating Shutters

Faux Wood Shutters are inherently child safe with no operating cords or chains. Our easy to use louvres and tilt rods let you open and close, tilt or stack the shutter panels to suit your changing needs - day or night.

The Luxaflex® Guarantee

Book a Shutter Consultation

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or already know the Luxaflex® Shutter you’d like, the first step to transforming your window is a visit to your local Luxaflex® retailer. They will guide you to the best solution for your home, with no obligation.

Request a consultation

Find a showroom

Together with our local expert, you can look at inspiration for your room and get to know the products and materials you like.

Home consultation

We’ll measure your dimensions, assess your lighting, and make sure everything is perfectly designed for your home

Seamless installation

Relax and let Luxaflex® professionals do what they do best. Always knowing you’re covered under our guarantee.