Vinyl Interior Shutters

Lightweight and durable, our Vinyl shutters deliver classic shutter style with unique modern benefits

Colour Choice
Our Vinyl Shutter come pre-finished in classic White, Pearl and Vanilla.

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Louvre Styles & Sizes

Play with scale by selecting the right louvres from our from 64mm, 89mm and 114mm range.

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Highly Durable:

Easy to maintain, washable and waterproof, Vinyl Shutters will not fade, crack or chip. We even guarantee them for 25 years

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Long lasting, light loving

Vinyl Shutters give you total control of the light and privacy. Get the just the right balance with one of our three options.

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Full Height Shutters

Covering the full height of your window, Full Height Shutters elongate the window with a classic plantation style

full height shutter

Tier on Tier

The top and bottom sections of the shutter open separately to make the most of natural light whilst still delivering various privacy options

tier on tier shutter

Café Style Shutters

The unique Café Shutters cover the bottom half of your window to give your extra privacy at street level but leave the top part of your window uncovered

tier on tier

Tracked Shutters

If you have large patio or bifold doors, tracked shutters are the ideal solution as they are fitted to a specially made track enabling you to fully control incoming light whilst optimising privacy

Choose your Style

Every room has different considerations, which is why our range offers distinct solutions

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Operating Your Vinyl Shutters

Our range includes easy to use louvres and tilt rods that let you open and close, tilt or stack the shutter panels to suit your changing needs during the day or night, with three operating styles to choose from.

NEW Smart Control Shutters

Integrating with home smart systems like Alex and Google Assistant, our PowerView® Motorization system, our Luxaflex® Vinyl Shutters can operate to your voice command as well as through our PowerView® App. Schedule your shutters to tilt automatically throughout the day or night for added security and privacy. Even when you are way from home.

Style and Content

We innovate in every element, including our operation. We can work with you to find your ideal solution.

Our solutions

Peace of mind

Sustainable, recyclable and flame retardant, our hand- crafted Vinyl Shutters can stand up to the rough and tumble of any room including high traffic spaces and come with a 25 year guarantee

The Luxaflex® Guarantee

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Whether you’re looking for inspiration or advice on Shutters, the first step to transforming your window is a visit to your local Luxaflex retailer. They will guide you to the best Shutter solution for the home, with no obligation.

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